The reduction of fat deposits by “injection lipolysis” is an effective procedure that can be applied specifically to different body regions.

Injections are carried out directly into the affected areas using finest needles, which stimulate the melting of the fat cells and increased fat breakdown. The fat is broken down naturally and permanently by the body. The depth of this region decreases measurably with each application, whereby the skin over the injected region is additionally smoothed and tightened.

“Injection lipolysis” can also be used in combination with mesotherapy to reduce cellulite.

In addition to “injection lipolysis”, we offer a special cellulite treatment that sustainably improves lymph drainage and oxygen supply to the affected tissue. The cellulite treatment is rounded off by a nutritional analysis with appropriate recommendations.

Reduction of fat pads

Regions that can be treated:

  • double chin

  • cheeks

  • nape

  • riding pants

  • thighs

  • Lower buttocks / transition to thigh

  • “Love Handles” for women and men

  • haunches

  • upper and lower abdomen

  • shoulder area

  • upper arms

  • knee

  • back parts

  • lipomas

Further information:

Reduction of cellulite

Cellulite is treated according to a special protocol combining injection lipolysis and mesotherapy.

Cellulite is a disorder of the connective tissue structure that mainly occurs in women. Nearly 90% of all women suffer from this phenomenon, which develops more and more with increasing age.

Environmental, nutritional and exercise factors also contribute to the appearance.

Cellulite presents itself in different degrees.

We apply “3-level therapy” in our practice. Injections are given in three different depths to optimize the skin’s appearance:

Level 1: Injection lipolysis at a depth of 8-10 mm

Level 2: Injection lipolysis at a depth of 4-6 mm

Level 3: Mesotherapy at a depth of 1 mm

The injections at level 1 dissolve the deeper fat deposits and reduce the dents formed by compressed fat in the connective tissue.

The injections at level 2 dissolve the fat cells that have already penetrated into the connective tissue. At the same time, the layer is tightened directly below the skin.

The injections at level 3 promote blood circulation and tighten the uppermost skin layer.