Filler / Thread Lifting

Hyaluronic acid fillers are injected directly into the wrinkles. Highly concentrated preparations can also be used to model the entire face, especially in the cheek and chin area, thus filling up volume that has been lost over  years. The eye area also shows a loss of volume with increasing age, which results in a tired appearance. In this region, we use a special filler specially adapted to this very sensitive region, which shows excellent results. A further volume increase is also possible in the area of the lips or hands.

To understand what happens to the face as it ages, you can imagine an air-filled balloon. If air escapes increasingly from the balloon, its volume decreases and produces wrinkles. A similar process takes place during face aging. Here, of course, it is not air, but fat that melts with age. The restoration of the lost volume allows a naturally younger and more rested appearance.

With today’s fillers, the treatment can be repeated as often as required. We only use first-class fillers, as these have excellent compatibility and, in comparison, the longest duration of action.

We also use a process to produce a gel from our own blood plasma, which is then injected like a filler. This procedure is very well tolerated because it is produced from the patient’s own blood plasma and also supports long-term reparative processes in the connective tissue.

This is an innovative method of facial rejuvenation that offers the advantage of a non-surgical procedure. The material used consists of biodegradable threads that are inserted into the skin and connect with the subcutaneous tissue. In the appropriate position, the skin is lifted in the desired direction, followed by an increase in connective tissue (fibrosis), which results in a desired increase in volume. Treatment is performed under local anaesthesia, recovery time is usually very short. The thread lifting can be combined very well with the volume application by hyaluronic acid filler or the body’s own gel made of plasma.

Together with the client, we select the most suitable method that promises the best results.