Huneke Neural Therapy

Neural therapy is an effective method of treating acute and chronic pain and various diseases. By injecting small amounts of procaine (local aesthetic), malfunctions of the organism are normalized and the associated health disorders in self-healing are supported.

The specialists of SANTH (Swiss Medical Society for Neural Therapy) apply neural therapy daily to many patients. Neural therapy is effective even if classical medicine is not able to effectively recognize and treat the triggers of the complaints.

„Empathy, compassion, prayer is a wonderful drug.” Dr. Ebo Rau

Fields of application

  • Headache, migraine, facial neuralgia, dizziness and tinnitus

  • Sports injuries and overload damage

  • Tennis elbow, inflammation of muscle tendons, sprained ankles, bruises and strains

  • Stress, exhaustion (burn-out), sleep disorders and depressive moods

  • Blood circulation and wound healing problems

  • Rheumatic diseases, arthrosis

  • Chronic joint and spinal diseases

The biochemistry and hormones of the body control metabolic processes. These are controlled by the autonomic nervous system. For an effective and sustainable medical treatment, it is therefore necessary not only to know the processes of biochemistry and hormonal balance and, if necessary, to treat them, but also to raise the level within the autonomic nervous system.

In neural therapy, the interference fields in the body are examined and treated as a whole. The result is a balanced nervous system that helps patients to recover and stay healthy. In combination with a personalized nutrition, metabolism and detoxification program, neural therapy is an effective therapy method for a variety of complaints.

Neural therapy requires a thorough anamnesis of each traumatic event as a trigger for diseases and physical complaints. Once these are recognised, the actual treatment begins, in which the body as a whole and the interaction of organs and nerves is examined and treated.

An organ (heart, gallbladder, eye, joint, etc.) never fails in isolation, but always in interaction with the entire organism. Neural therapy eliminates chronic pain, dysfunctions and interference fields. Thus, body and mind can regulate and heal themselves again.