The following infusions are available:

Various vitamins and minerals, trace elements and antioxidants support the immune system and the cell power plants (mitochondria) of the body. The infusions are compiled individually for each patient. In addition, further micronutrients are offered orally as supplements.

Through the mixture of different vitamins and minerals, different body functions can be treated in a targeted and meaningful way.

The revitalization infusion for aesthetic operations:

  • Before and after aesthetic surgery to improve wound healing

  • Before and during a wrinkle treatment by volume build-up with hyaluronic acid

The “Vita-Balance” infusion treatment follows a tried and tested scheme and can be combined with micronutrients and vitamins if required. This composition makes restoration of the structure of cell membranes possible, maintaining their healthy structure and repair oxidative damage.

The Vita-Balance cure can be used, for example, with/to:

  • anti-aging

  • purification

  • detox

  • fatigue

  • wakefulness

  • stress

  • need for regeneration

You will receive a bespoke mixture. The number and duration of infusions depend on the type and severity of the disorders and diseases.